Filter Cards for all Brands of Cytocentrifuges like ThermoShandon CytoSpin4,Tharmac CellSpin,
Sakura Cytotek,StatSpin Cytofuge2, Hettich,Wescor CytoPro, Kendro etc

  • These Filter Cards are made up of Cotton and cellulose material.
  • Excellent absorbant capacity to absorb excess body fluids
  • Cellulose fibres provide strength to Filter Cards for easy removal of filter card from slide

Filter Cards for ThermoShandon Cytospin4      :                                                                                       
  •        200 Cards per Box
  • Available in 2 versions- Thick and Thin with capacities upto 500ul


 Filter Cards for Sakura Cytotec     :

  •         200 Cards per Box
  •      Suitable for Sakura,Japan Cytotek cytocentrifuge        

 Filter Cards for StatSpin Cyutofuge2 and Leica Cytocentrifuge & Hettich

  • 200 Cards Per Box
  • Suitable for StatSpin and Leica Cytocentrifuge and Hettich Cytocentrifuge
Filter Cards for Wescor CytoPro Cytocentrifuge

  • 200 Cards Per Box
  • Suitable for Wescor Cytopro Cytocentrifuge
Filter Cards for Hereaus Cytocentrifuge      :   

  • 200 Cards per Box
  • Very Small in size with 4mm holes.
  • Suitable for Hereaus Cytocentrifuge

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